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Kofi Bentil, Kofi Capito are principled and honest few among hypocrites – A Plus

Comment: Aplus you are the hypocrite.

2019-12-16 09:15:40
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Kofi Bentil, Kofi Capito are the true definition o

Kuffuor left the cedi for Mills at 1.12, Mills left the cedi for Mahama at 2.20, and Mahama left the cedi for Akuffo addo at 4.42. So get your facts right before you spill out any nonsense. Mahama was incompetent when we lived in darkness for 4 years. Today, children are going to school for free. One district one factory is happening across the country. Havent you heard about the mini stadia been built across the country. The pawlugu irrigation dam is about to be built. NHIS is strong again. Teachers and Nursing training allowances are been paid. Nana addo is paying teachers whom Mahama redused to pay for their 3 years of service. Mahama is wrong on many things, but he is right about one thing: ghanaians have short term memories

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12-16 08:24
Aplus you are the hypocrite.
12-16 09:15