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Ghanaians hungrier now than when I was President – Mahama

Comment: It's true oooooo

2019-01-15 08:06:56
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Ghanaians hungrier now than when I was President

Food is very expensive. Plantain was cheap during Christmas, but now also expensive. Even 'wele' too expensive. Sachet water is still 20p but one has to pay 30p to urinate in a public toilet. Cost of urinating expensive than cost of water. The most annoying thing is government officials are constantly saying things are better. People are dying for lack of food and medical care, but government still brags. LIAR Bawumia is still bragging from his nose and nodding his Parkinson's disease bald head . What nonsense

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01-15 07:54
It's true oooooo
01-15 08:06