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Bawumia's spokesperson clarifies $15bn Chinese deal

Comment: No national infrastructure plan

2018-09-11 16:02:47
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How do you pay off US$15 billion?

I couldn't agree with you better. Akuffo-Addo and Bawumia are not transparent with what this monies will do. No blue- print, no industrialisation plan, even infrastructure not well laid out plan for even 5 years and outcomes quantified. The whole borrowing effort s appears uncordinated. Is it mean to confuse our poor and suffering populace?
There is the potential for for massive leakage and sealing. No strategically coordinate d plan receiveing consensual acceptance and approval by parliament and experts. God will not forgive this government if the mortgage this country's future.

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09-11 14:15
No national infrastructure plan
09-11 16:02