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NDC deserves more terms to develop Ghana – Sylvester Mensah

Comment: 30 useless years of P/NDC, more what?

Bribi wo soro
2018-09-11 13:51:04
Comment to:
ndc desrves more terms in your dreams

P/NDC has had more years in government than any party but all they have done is ran the country down. 20 continues years of JJ while the population was growing but did nothing about school infrastructure or electricity. The population did not just explode it is just because NDC failed the country. So why should the country give you more terms? Only to come and steal some more? The country is getting wiser hence the big loss in 2016.

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09-11 10:48
30 useless years of P/NDC, more what?
Bribi wo soro
09-11 13:51