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The President’s dilemma: Damned if he does it; damned if he doesn’t!

Comment: Miserable people!

Kofi Adeni
2018-09-11 15:57:21
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The President’s dilemma: Damned if he does it; d

Massa Asuo, this is one of the excellent and thoughtful articles I have read on Ghanaweb platform in a long time. You know most of your people Ghanaians are so stupid and forget so soon. Because I don't understand why they give audience to the corrupt Mahama and NDC leadership. Economies do not change overnight but you can't tell some of these ignorant people in Ghana anything practical and smart. They always want what they get to eat today and now forget about tomorrow. Miserable people!

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09-11 04:29
Miserable people!
Kofi Adeni
09-11 15:57