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Ghana's economy in real hardship under Akufo-Addo - Manasseh Azure Awuni

Comment: Manasseh think carefully,ndc is useless

Alhaji Yussif
2018-09-09 11:45:24
Comment to:
Ghanaians, Ghana economy in real hardship under Na

Yes i think that the journalists in this country re not reading and sways follow what politicians say at what time to make news,the time has come for them to rethink and analyze very carefully what led Ghana into its current economic state,it’s like the angel of death,he pleaded with Almighty Allah to always take the minds of mankind from him whenever time comes for him to take the live of a human being,that the focus of man must shif from him to the cost of death.Thats what journalists of Ghana ve helped politicians do over the years.Manasseh Azure should know that you can not sign under IMF and expect to make strives as a government,when ndc was bringing in the IMF they knew that job ll be lost,they knew that it comes with harsher conditinalities yet the took them in,they failed to create jobs living a backlog of unemployed youth and layedoff workers,they IMF pushed for realistic charges of electricity and water and other social services.The question is how can you eat your cake and have it,we cannot hide behind promises made by this government and blame him for our problems,he meant well,the struggles of this government to make education free should not be ridicule at all,what about those who said it’s not possible?re they the ones to be praised?the failure of the Npp is not and cannot be in the interest of Ghanains but ndc Who sent us where we re today and the earlier we know this the better for Ghana.

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09-09 11:19
Manasseh think carefully,ndc is useless
Alhaji Yussif
09-09 11:45