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'Incompetent' Nana Addo has failed his campaign promises on Creative Arts - Ola Michaels

Comment: Incompetant Nana

Paul blay miezah, brasil
2018-09-09 19:16:42
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'Incompetent' Nana Addo has failed his campaign pr

Ghanaians ,please i would let all Ghanaians know that there is no goverment on this earth can restore any damage thing within a twinkle of eye even the man we always applaud (Kwame Nkruma) it took him many years before he could built factories ,Joseph in the bible dreamt that he is a king ,i can say is a promise God reveal to him through a dream and how mamy years did that promise or the dream come to pass moreover Nana Addo is not a magician that he can turn things around within less than two years u being an artise how long does it take u to bring out one nice thing. And bear in mind that Nana met a broken enconomi

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09-09 13:01
Incompetant Nana
Paul blay miezah, brasil
09-09 19:16