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NPP has failed in fulfilling key campaign promises - GACC Report

Comment: @Abise London

2018-09-08 19:17:25
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Re: True

What do you understand by unfathomabbe? I guess you are to busy chasing the pound, if, Indeed, you live in London, to even Watch Prime Minister's question time or you are to ignorant to understand the essence of it. You do not have to reach the end of any process before you can assess it. Any objective-minded reader of this report would rather conclude that the report has been very charitable towards the Government of the day, contrary to you extremely partisan insinuation that it is against the government! In adopting such a view, you choose to ignore the problems confronting our Nation and it is the poor that will continue to suffer. Your people and mine included, whether Akan, Voltarian, Dagomba, Waala, etc. So please, put you Nation first!!

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@Abise London
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