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NPP has failed in fulfilling key campaign promises - GACC Report

Comment: @ Disgraced Cow

Stephen Donkor, New York.
2018-09-08 11:13:22
Comment to:

Is not about my long articles, they just hate to let me expose morons like you and your Mahama, because they’ve sold a stake in the company to Omane Boama and John Mahama. Their wicked deeds against people like myself would be made public in a matter of time, just wait and see. If they let idiots like you who always talk about cows and animals, post your nonsense, why won’t they let me ? Because you’re a cow tender and live with cows, everything about you is cow, cow, cow! YOU MORON !

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09-08 06:25
@ Disgraced Cow
Stephen Donkor, New York.
09-08 11:13