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Hardship, unemployment grown from bad to worse under Akufo-Addo - Nunoo-Mensah

Comment: Hardship, Barter & National Cathedral

Cambridge ana-elect-trump
2018-09-07 19:36:48
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Hardship, unemployment grown from bad to worse und

A Chinese ship docked recently at the Tema Harbor. Two friends, Gabby Otchere-Darko and Retired General Nunoo-Mensah went to inspect the ship. The two friends began to feel the ship's body, and Gabby exclaimed, "This ship is hard". Nunoo-Mensah chimed in and nodded in approval, saying, "Yes, in deed, this ship is hard". "I wonder", continued Nunoo-Mensah, "if the ship is loaded with bauxide".

Nunoo-Mensah then asked his buddy Gabby what he thinks the government should do to alleviate the plight o the people of Ghana during these times of hardship. Gabby replied that the President has already taken steps to ease the pain by building a National Cathedral where the suffering masses can go to pray for their government.

Nunoo-Mensah then asked Gabby what thinks the people should since the cedi is slowly losing weight. Gabby replied that the best approach to this problem is to resort to using BARTER to trade instead of using the cedi. Nunoo-Mensah shook his head and said to Gabby, "I now understand why a segment of the media refers to you as "top lawyer".

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Hardship, Barter & National Cathedral
Cambridge ana-elect-trump
09-07 19:36