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There’s hardship in Ghana – Gabby Otchere-Darko

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Nii Major.
2018-09-07 17:46:55
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There’s hardship in Ghana – Gabby

So you are now aware of how poor, incompetent and bankrupt your people are? You guys have milked the country for the personal and creature comfort of the small Akyem cabal in Ghana. Too many people in the current cabinet are from the president's family,clan or hometown.You guy are taking the people for granted. However remember some of you may not survive the eventual public outburst that may confront you.You are putting your family at risk anywhere on this earth.
I thought former President Rawlings was a man, principled enough to stand up to what is happening today.If indeed he and his wife meant well for this country they should not be seen in bed with the NPP. Shaaammmee to you people. Selfish to the cure, unprincipled at that. God save us all.You guys after are not principled,seeking only for your selfish gain and trying to save your skin because you fear Nana and his cabal. Else let's hear your voices on this matters of national concern that has the potential of sending the country into catastrophic situation.
Gabby please come again.

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09-07 16:25
Re: There’s hardship in Ghana – Gabby
Nii Major.
09-07 17:46