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African leaders lining up for China sad – Gabby

Comment: The Table Has Turned ...

James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
2018-09-07 14:04:23
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African leaders lining up for China sad – Gabby

Ewiase y3 hu paa!!

Now capitalist Ghana RUNNNING to communist China for loans, aid etc. I remember very well, the CIA gave some few Cedis to UP supporters in the GAF to overthrow Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on 24th February 1966, because he was 'moving' the nation towards the socio-communist block of the East. They overthrew him and the connection to the East was broken, while that to the West grew.

Now you see your folly: The aim of the West was only to hamper Ghana's progress. The action of the West is analgous to the phenomenom of 'Konongo-Kaya': he won't do the work, BUT won't allow others to do it.

Interestingly, today, Ghana is not running to the West for help, but literally kneeling to CHINA and beg for help!! Where are our 'saviours' from the West?

Yes, the table has indeed turned.

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09-07 11:49
The Table Has Turned ...
James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
09-07 14:04