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Ghana can't keep taking endless loans for projects - Australian High Commissioner

Comment: Rise up against d $50bn loan

Nana Asumadu sakyi
2018-09-07 00:16:19
Comment to:
We are doomed with fake Chinese projects

U just said ,after a heavy down pour, this can happen to any advanced country. In fact, it just happened in japan. some parts of Europe and even d US.p ls chk what happened in Hawaii.I am not in favour of d endless spree of borrowing, but Nigeria developed their infrastructure with d German government, on similar terms with oil.on d question of $50billion loan to be paid in hundred years,should be condemned by all. It is reckless and uncalled for.w hy subject d future generation to such ?we all should demonstrate against that asap.

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09-06 23:37
Rise up against d $50bn loan
Nana Asumadu sakyi
09-07 00:16