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ADI cautions minority over US$2 billion bauxite deal

Comment: We must do it wisely!!

2018-09-06 21:13:17
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Please reason with me!

None of ius against it but we want better deal.2billion dollars for massage ve bausite come on is very much GhanaCars cost ghana,1.4billion $$, and how many metric tones of refine bausite equate 2billion. and hiw much those infrastructure will cost us,.Is the mining area will benefit out of these massive mining,entire nation will benefit.2billion for mining of bauxite.Omay why not get as a loan and pay by our proceed from the refine bauxite instead of giving to chinese to mine as many as they want.We should wake country with mineral resources are the rich countries.we should let these people exploit our minerals with 2billion.we are greating ‘shithole’ for our country as Trump said

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09-06 19:54
We must do it wisely!!
09-06 21:13