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ADI cautions minority over US$2 billion bauxite deal

Comment: NDC will adopt this plan if NPP drops it

2018-09-06 20:21:27
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ADI cautions minority over US$2b bauxite deal

Believe me, if Nana stops this deal, the first thing NDC will do is to go for this same deal if by chance they come to power. What Nana is trying to do is to help every Ghanaian benifit from her resources. Now to all the critics, for how long has gold been mined in Ghana? At least before I was born and I turned 60 this year. My question is - is there any thing we can point at and say this is what Gold has done for our country? I doubt. Even Obuasi where the gold is deposited does not look like a gold town. If those who signed gold agreements were prudent to put in place the measures Nana is putting up, this country would have seen sprawling infrastructure by now.
Besides, there is no risk in this deal because it is not taken out as raw material, rather it will be processed which means there is added value for money. Even if our unborn children do not meet the bauxite, they will benefit from the infrastructure derived from it. This is better than for it to stay down there till some visionless government comes to share it among themselves.
Also, there is no risk as borrowing fiscal cash. In fact, I may be wrong but I don’t see any create, loot, and share here.
Ndc is only crying because this will give the present government more money/opportunities to do greater things. Again I see that it will be an avenue to creat jobs. With the free education, Nana is aiming at Human Capital rather than depending on natural resources. If we have human capital which the free education will give us in the near future, we depend less on natural resources.

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09-06 19:54
NDC will adopt this plan if NPP drops it
09-06 20:21