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ADI cautions minority over US$2 billion bauxite deal

Comment: Shame Shame

2018-09-06 19:54:50
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ADI cautions minority over US$2b bauxite deal

Are u not ashamed that china is more rice and u and ur part members ruining there for money to come spend on urself? i am so sad cuz all this money will end up in your pocket.. After Kwame Nk...all the leaders who came to power are all greedy with no common sense... we need a common sense leader..selfless leader..visionary You and me here. given chance for the citizens to import machinery into the country free without duties or so call vat. So we can create jobs.. Addo like too much talking while his greedy 120 ministers without common sense minister but looters.all this monies will end up in their pockets at the end of the day. His high taxes wont help Ghanaians at this stage...i thought by now many of the greedy ndc and npp are in jail to show an example of ur fight for corruption...but it look like u are the same...and only too much talking.

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09-06 19:54
Shame Shame
09-06 19:54