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'Planting for food and jobs’ saboteurs under fire

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2018-09-06 12:39:09
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'Planting for food and jobs’ saboteurs under fir

More of the jobless youth who are galamsey operators should be shepherded into the the Planting Food for Jobs. Those who smuggle fertilizer, seed and other farm inputs should be prosecuted according to an enhanced law with improvements from the Ghana parliament. Ultimately, the Ghana parliament is extremely useless with a senile speaker. Smuggling along borders, hoarding and sabotage has been with Ghana since her inception. However, Ghana has not had a parliament for a very long time and now it has one. What do MPs including those along the border constituencies do? Selfish people who only discuss end of service benefits and what they have lost from their salaries from a widened tax net. MPs need to sit up and discuss ways including purging themselves of those who aid smuggling, for now they have done nothing, useless MPs.

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Re: 'Planting for food and jobs’ saboteurs under f
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