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Thousands protest over unemployment

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Kete K
2018-09-05 03:08:52
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Thousands protest over unemployment

Mr could you pick point exactly what nana and the npp are fixing or have fixed other than continuous promises upon promises full of rythorics with lack of direction inspite of large size of cabinet ministers! Corruption has quadrupled, dollar exchange sky rocketing, social amenities interventions none, infrastructure zero, employment fiasco, security nill,expenditure and opulence 100%, nepotism best, lack of vision and direction worse are this people refers to as fixing of problem go back to your drawing board as 2020 election is going to be run on achievements,vision and direction not propaganda and name calling because people now can compare and make decisive decision

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09-04 17:40
Re: Thousands protest over unemployment
Kete K
09-05 03:08