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US$2bn bauxite deal finalised in China

Comment: Why 15 long years?

2018-09-04 18:42:32
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US$2bn bauxite deal finalised in China

Is Ghana going to ensure that China mine precisely $2bn worth of 'refined' bauxite in exchange for precisely $2bn worth of transportation infrastructure?
Who will monitor the Chinese to ensure they dig out only $2bn worth of bauxite, and who will ensure that the Chinese-built infrastructure's worth is precisely $2bn?
Why are the people at the helm of affairs foolishly exchanging 15 years of the Chinese mining our bauxite for a paltry $2bn? Why 15 years? What if the Chinese will have extracted $400bn worth of bauxite even prior to the end of the 15 years? Are the Ghanaian ‘leaders’ thinking?
Whatever happened to the integrated bauxite/aluminum industrial complex, etc., for which the once-mighty Akosombo complex was conceived?
Finally, can anyone even begin to suggest a greater sin, a more heinous crime, than bequeathing these unimaginably crippling foreign debts to Ghana's future generations? Or has Osagyefo "Dr." Kwame Nkrumah's most vivid and exciting vision been already corrupted into a most frightful, amaranthine nightmare by subsequent vision-less leaders so-called?

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09-04 11:19
Why 15 long years?
09-04 18:42