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Chinese Police Band surprises Akufo-Addo

Comment: Re: may God Bless Mahama

Victor Bonssrah
2018-09-02 23:56:47
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Re: may God Bless Mahama

Allan you're wrong . You're talking about brains? Well you're part of the group who don't have the brains.I have been to Ghana three times and what I saw in Ghanaians was astonishing.
No one should blame the President for their mental slavery.Unless Ghanaians change their perception of others it will take about two or three hundred years for the country to develop.
Look like countries in Asia, for example Malaysia;Ghana had independence before them.Moreover, they used to borrow from Ghana and they're more developed.Why so? One may ask.
The Malaysians worked hard and achieved what they've today.
Ghana on the other hand has a population that is very lazy.There are government employees, civil servants that will stay at home and yet get paid.This is a waste of government resources.Individuals think about themselves more than contributing to the interest of the nation.The populace look at the government to give them everything and don't even know that they're part of the government.Look how refuses are dump everywhere and they expect the President to do that work for them.Isn't a shame that many Ghanaians are quick to point fingers when in fact they're their own worse enemies? Every Ghanaian should get rid of their mental slavery and have the fear of God in them and we would start to see development.

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09-02 18:15
Re: may God Bless Mahama
Victor Bonssrah
09-02 23:56