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Nana Addo is an abysmal failure – Sam George

Comment: Nana Addo iabysmal failure

Ansu Agyei
2018-09-01 21:35:38
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Nana Addo is an abysmal failure – Sam George

Sam Sam ooooh Sam, why are you making a fool of yourself like this? You see when you are on the other side and you give a little credit it makes you more popular and people listen to you. May be you are living outside Ghana.If you will be very objective. there is no government like the one we are seeing now, since independence. In one and half years. I) free education 2) teacher trainee allowance 3) nurses allowance 4) one district one million dollars 5) planting for food and jobs etc etc etc. Some of us neutral guys wonder where the man is getting the money from , keeping in mind the fake economy John Mahama run for 8 years. Contractors were not paid, statutory payments were not made , all allowances were cancelled, teachers ,nurses,and others were not emplyed till Nana Addo came in .You can be forgiven Sam , son, because the last time l checked from the latest thesaurus, the synonym of a fool was
.Sam George

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09-01 19:39
Nana Addo iabysmal failure
Ansu Agyei
09-01 21:35