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Mass-produce affordable Kantanka cars for taxis – Gabby

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2018-09-01 18:03:31
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Re: You are a disgrace


All this whiles Gabby knew that kantanka can start making saloon cars for the market and that is what will sell well.

So Why didn't Gabby suggested this long time ago, At least for Kankanta to make plans for this suggestion?

Now you plan bringing a white competitor who is financial strong already and already an expert in the industry to come and compete with a black Ghanaian starter ?

It is not what you say, WHEN you say it !!


When Intelligent contributors are making suggestion, they consider what they HAVE and TIME.
To me Gabby didn't consider any of these and made this suggestion !!
They have already put Kantanka at a disadvantage position and they are now making suggestions !!

This is very disappointing the black race !! and very insulting too and anyway LOSERS WILL SURELY TURN TO INSULTS

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Re: You are a disgrace
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