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Mass-produce affordable Kantanka cars for taxis – Gabby

Comment: @KSM

2018-09-01 17:06:11
Comment to:

I don't know you in person, but what I know is that you part of that fraction of Ghanaian who don't think on their own, but rather depends on the thinking of others.
Is a shame that you didn't even suggest why is not good to empower the black Ghanaian.
But rather you assumed someone's educational background and also depended on Ghanaian thinkers.
Note !!
Is not everyone who comment on Ghanaweb is low level thinker or less educated so don't let other think like that for you. Idiot !!

Next time when you hear someone say, Made in Ghana good, then you go and ask your mother and father, How did they made you ? If they imported a foreign sperm to begot you or two black people slept with each other !!

Don't suggest NDC to me, I think on my own,
I am not like you !!

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