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Mass-produce affordable Kantanka cars for taxis – Gabby

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2018-09-01 12:40:20
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You are a disgrace

Vim, you are obviously not intelligent. Weak minds insult when they don't have anything senaible to say. There is a lot of sense in what Gabby just said. Who is empowering the white man? What is wrong with Germany setting up an assembly plant in Ghana? What has that got to do with liberation? Kantanka would have done far better if they had started off producing saloon cars at affordable prices to the local market offering flexible payment terms rather than start with SUV's. Look at the giant car manufacturers round the world, they start with saloon cars and as their market share grows they venture into mini SUV's. Gabby has made a very good suggestion and that does not call for insults. Losers turn to Insults.

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Re: You are a disgrace
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