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Ghana's political system dominated by corrupt powers - Prof Gyimah-Boadi

Comment: Ghana's political system is corrupt.

2018-08-31 15:41:52
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Ghana's political system dominated by corrupt powe

This is not a new revelation. The present political system of Ghana is sad. Presidential actions tend to be full of dictatorial sentiments,where you dare not even say anything or suggest anything. The president after a heavy meal and drinks wakes up with a dream,tell a few silly members of his team of what he wants to do. People are so afraid to suggest anything. Typical example is the introduction of the SHS program. The most stupid of all the president's programs. Surprisingly,nobody was bold to suggest to the president to go for means testing. Anybody who suggests otherwise is an enemy of the president. People who are capable of looking after ten children are forbidden to do so. Money from these extremely wealthy people which could be used for building more schools or improvement projects is just lost. What kind of politicians do we have? Are these people ripoff merchants or just plain stupid compound fools?

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08-31 12:51
Ghana's political system is corrupt.
08-31 15:41