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Open letter to President Akufo Addo

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2018-08-29 10:31:30
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akufo addo

Ntsiful am perfectly sure 100% that your ways of getting easy money without work has been block that's why you are spewing nonsense. Ghana's resources are for all not just a few and if a leader is saying he wants a poor man like me my children to go to school free what are you saying. Come to think of it is any member of your family not benefiting from the Free SHS introduced in the country? You people don't get it. At least for me the savings made from school fees is been use to expand my businesses and after a long day work cool myself with chill ice cold beer what about that. Grow up Ntsiful grow up and stop living in the past.

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08-29 04:13
Re: akufo addo
08-29 10:31