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110 ministers 'scandalous', but let's wait and see – Gyimah-Boadi

Comment: Hehehehehehe

They Say They Say
2018-08-26 22:17:08
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promise and fail weak leaders

Less than 2yrs into Akan gov't and you sound completely disappointed, hehehehehe. We still remember during the run-up to elections, your dagger was drawn defending akan party against pepe/ayibge party. You see, if we had followed your apprehension and responded to your drum-beat and calls for war for this gov't, who'd been foolish especially with this low/no performance show? At least for now we can agree pepeni was building things for the country that have been neglected since the great Nkrumah. Akan party can't build shit, plain and simple. So long as the primary ambitions and ultimate measure of accomplishment of the akan man is to travel abroad (no matter where), leaving their ass wide open, pepe/ayibge man will make use, hehehehe and that's what's happening. You can stay outside and rant all you want but pepe/ayibge will call the shots and make policies for you, nothing you can do.

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They Say They Say
08-26 22:17