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Government to build 20 modern TVET institutions

Comment: Have you consulted Asogli?

2018-08-27 02:27:59
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Government to build 20 modern TVET institutions

Two questions: Has the HTU Governing Council consulted the Chiefs and people of Asogli Traditional area before deciding to name HTU after Dr Ephraim Amu? If not, why. Remember Accta Sports Stadium renaming?

2. Malaysia, Singapore, etc have outpaced us in devt. Then why are we not doing the right things? Why are we prioritising SHS over Technical education/ Where wull the money come from to do the TVET new institutions>, When are we stopping the qanton importation of food items and pumt money into our agric? When are we reducing theh number of Ministers to save money for devt? When are we going ti stop buying expensive V8? When are we stopping illegal mining to regenerate our lands and forests? When are we banning poythene bags to save the environment? We should get serious. one and for all.

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08-26 16:26
Have you consulted Asogli?
08-27 02:27