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Government to build 20 modern TVET institutions


Nico van Staalduinen
2018-08-26 16:42:18
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Government to build 20 modern TVET institutions

Her we go again TVET and then continuing with Technical Universities. Vocational training has nothing to do with university level technical education ! technical education is a form of lower education training Ghanaian youth into skilled artisans. As long as the government doesn't understand that they will only block the development of this important and needed form of education on JSS level. Technical skills training for masons, carpenters, electricians, car mechanics, farmers, waitresses and waiters, cooks starts at the age between 12 and 14 years of age and leads to an employable boy or girl who will continue education under a skilled master for several years. The best will continue by adding higher skills training and are adding entrepreneurial training at SHS level. They work under a foreman who is a master at his skills but still at SHS level. he takes orders and works under and together with the engineers who have been to a technical university, who knows the working techniques and calculations but is not an artisan himself. As long as we deny or do not understand that system we are chasing shadows.

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08-26 16:26
Nico van Staalduinen
08-26 16:42