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Otiko rejects ambassadorial job; quits politics

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Ekow Samuel.
2018-08-22 00:15:32
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Otiko rejects ambassadorial job; quits politics

Since the people of ghana are need you for your welldone work in the protection of children and Gender,then it is not too late to let the President of the republic of ghana for hearing about your standstill possition of you, in the Gender and children protection which is morelikely to bee in the moving to Italy as an Ambassador,and the sametime of the illness of your husband,the people of ghana have to understand the situation of you for considering you to stay in ghana and have your protection on gender and the children!the message have to reach to the gorverance of the gorvernment and the president of the ghana Nana. Akuffu Addo Dankwaa ,the npp and the ghana as well,of her symparty that asking for staying in ghana for continueing do her work of the gender and children protection,as the mass are demanding her for her returning her work as protection!,is better more than to resigning from her post of working in the help of ghana as we need,Mr. Akuffu Addo Dankwaa have to understanding the democracy of the peoples demanding and not that to oppose and being likenot he do not want to accept and he must to accepting ,God bless you Madam. Otiko Afisa Djaba and the people of ghana and for understanding her return to her post of work as protection and oman ghaana.

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08-21 10:05
Re: Otiko rejects ambassadorial job; quits politic
Ekow Samuel.
08-22 00:15