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NPP members turned meeting with Akufo-Addo into an ‘employment agency’ – John Boadu

Comment: Akufo is disgraceful to Blackman!

2018-08-12 10:15:54
Comment to:
U see their arrogance

Respectful president my ass!!
Akufo Addo must be impeach for signing such a corrupted AMERI deals pretending he was misled. how could the president give executive order and sign a contract on behalf of Ghana that he did not read or understand?
this is not a joke! it is very dangerous
Akufo Addo rather need the free shs! is that man really a lawyer? even JHS student would not sign a contract before reading it . it is just cover up to sacked Boakye Agyarko ! using hammer to kill a flies as president kufour said ! Kwesi Nyantakyi was right that Akufo Addo can be bought easily.
we must investigate the America military contract as well. it is really disgusting to even hear Akufo Addo said he was misled of signing a thievery contract.

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Akufo is disgraceful to Blackman!
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