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Dr. Gideon Boako writes: Is the Akufo-Addo government doing better?

Comment: Things are really bad

2018-08-11 16:32:45
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Dr. Gideon Boako writes: Is the Akufo-Addo governm

Doctor do you pay rent?
Do you buy petrol into the V8 which you use?
Do you pay some of the electricity bill?
Are you paying tax of 35% to be shared among 111 Ministers and Aides, Special Assistants and foot soldiers
What is free about SHS when a parent pays tax.
Do you know the implications of 111 ministers?
It means 111 bungalows,111 non electricity bill payers, 111 Lexus or V8 Land cruisers which fill free petrol daily.
It is a pity to be a Ghanaian because you prefer a debt of $1b to $510m and you prefer 15years of indebtedness to 5years.
The Mediais there to help in your deceit but tey will soon find out they were MISLED to follow you.

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08-11 06:45
Things are really bad
08-11 16:32