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I’m ready to serve in Akufo-Addo’s government – Addai Nimo

Comment: Ready to serve in govt of nadaa

Georgette musa
2018-08-10 23:01:17
Comment to:
I’m ready to serve in Akufo-Addo’s government

This guy is interesting and opportunist, such guys have not worked hard enough to be able to make it on their own and survive always looking for government positions to lord it over the people u see how it feels, go and set up your business or consultancy and work, you're an Engineer, go and work as such. You people use you education , lord it over the villagers, con them and deceived them to vote for you, you enter parliament take cheap and bribe money, every thing cheap and free , because it's cool for u deceiving your community you then take it to national level because it was easy like ABC with your community you thought you can extend the same to national level without checking your self, now you see your level. Your attempt at presidential level in your party did not raise you to any level for you to reject some positions as lower for you, so please if your hungry the soon, go and start your own job, government is already choked 110ministers, there is any place for, what you rejected as being lower has been filled by an appropriate lower person.

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08-10 20:05
Ready to serve in govt of nadaa
Georgette musa
08-10 23:01