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Wontumi pleads with Abronye DC and Owusu Bempah to ‘forgive’ NPP


Stephen Donkor, New York.
2018-08-10 17:10:18
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Wontumi pleads with Abronye DC and Owusu Bempah to

I blame his step father, the Man who used his influence to push Kuffour to give him this huge unrestricted credit facilities at the Merchant Bank. This Ibrahim Guy is lucky though. He is so lucky to the extent of getting a great and influential monarch as your step dad. Ghanaians are lucky to come out of the claws of these hard core criminal siblings. If I begin to chronicle the number of financial crimes these guy must have committed against mother Ghana, all because, as a young democratic nation; there not many existing laws to deal with some of these complex opreations of such hardened criminals. How can a sole entity be allowed to collapse two commercial banks and yet walking free on the streets of Accra, and be holding huge end of year parties; flamboyance and extravaganze life, at the expense of the poor tax payer? Who knows how many banks would go down the drain if their dealings with this person is made public? John Mahama and his sibling are so corrupt to the extent that he( John Mahama) didn’t spare the great monarch by short changing him, when it was surfaced that the Kumasi Airport refurbishment was a total sham and dubious. By this, he able to get his step father to dance Mapuka. It depicts the case of a school boy who went to his father to collect his Geography fee. The boys tricked his father into buying into the details of the fee as Geo = £ 5,Gra=5 £ Geography £ 5 Total fee = 15 £ . Though the total fees was supposed to be only £ 5. The dynamism of pilfering # 25. I will be back.

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08-10 14:34
Stephen Donkor, New York.
08-10 17:10