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It’s a ‘limited reshuffle’ but some ministers will lose their jobs – Cabinet member

Comment: Stop being idiotic

2018-08-08 19:26:14
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Just look at these dead disciples too....hahaha

You’re simply an unrepentant idiot . What makes a, corrupt, clueless & an incompetent president a million times better than some one else ?? You’re part of the remote controlled zombie fanatics of the animal farm party. How can a president be involved in all these corrupt issues coming out & immediately sacks people mafia style & acts as though he’s so clean. Wake up and put away your moronic follower-ship, you’re hate is just to equalize politically all these colossal acts of corruption that has bedeviled your demi-god Nana. What has he got to show for his almost two years of stewardship as the president ? Wake up & smell the coffee & stop being retarded .

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08-08 14:20
Stop being idiotic
08-08 19:26