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Vote ‘No’ to creation of new regions for your own sake

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Enyam Emmanuel
2018-08-11 21:39:49
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Vote ‘No’ to creation of new regions for your

I'm happy to have your support Dr. Daniel Duh But I wish to make clear for who it may concern that my state Western Togoland is not included. Or if anyone can tell me that constitution cover us or not. May be they want to try us and how notorious we can be in time of disagreement. We need peace please. My piece of advice the authorities is that they should treat us well now on that after our independent we can still be brothers and sisters. We are going freedom freedom freedom, nobody can stop us this time no shaking.

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Nana Atobra,europe
08-09 16:26
Re: creation region
Enyam Emmanuel
08-11 21:39