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Vote ‘No’ to creation of new regions for your own sake

Comment: 'Vote NO" for the new regions

2018-08-09 04:25:36
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Vote ‘No’ to creation of new regions for your

Pessimistic and wicked advisor.Enemy of progress.Back off with your feint advice.You squandered all the monies meant for development when you were in power, so you think this very important issue is hard to be materialised.By the good planning ,hard work and judicious spending of state's money by this government it is doable.Where did this government get monies to pay all those guangantuan debts you piled up before leaving office?Please, better retract all your bogus and unconvincing analysis, because they are too hollow to convince us. No turning back.If you had ever lived in northern part of western region you would better revise your notes.It takes residents two(2) clear days to get to the regional olffices in TAKORADI to simple things done.

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'Vote NO" for the new regions
08-09 04:25
Nana Atobra,europe
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