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Vote ‘No’ to creation of new regions for your own sake

Comment: DR. SAMUEL D.

Herbert, Sweden
2018-08-07 12:58:57
Comment to:
Dr. Duh is Totally Right!

Let`s us think a liitle bit on this creation of Regions in Ghana now.

The Government accustions has been the Mahama Government has left empty covers.
In a sense we expect Nana`s Government to be economical than what it is doing. Etc:
110 Ministers (nowhere in the civilsed World)
Free Education
One Dam, one Factory in all the 275 Districts.
Creating of New Regions etc. Fellow Ghanaians don`t be Partisan, face facts and shame the devil.
The reasons of Creating these Region, will help generate monies for the individuals in the NPP, including monies into their private covers, than good to the Nation. Small is always beautiful, and effectivite to rule than the Government wants to do..
Africans want Unity of Africa, European Union, USA etc. Can our Educated men/Women come out and speank against that?
It`s their duty to let the villagers, and uneducated ones (which politicians always cheat to win Political agendas) be aware.
Oh! beloved Ghana!!!. Nana Addo please, think.

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