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Vote ‘No’ to creation of new regions for your own sake

Comment: Flimsy argument

Yaw Buor
2018-08-07 04:27:41
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Vote ‘No’ to creation of new regions for your

Your reasons for Ghanaians NOT to vote for new regions are very flimsy. So.. for the cost of a car, furniture, official houses, etc they should reject a governing administration that is right on their doorstep? Sure, there's a cost to the creation of a new region, but there are benefits as well. There'll be infrastructural and physical developments. The new region will have a share of the national cake, if there's one - regional administration offices, at least one tertiary institution, and all facilities larger and other regional capitals like Kumasi, Sekondi-Takoradi enjoy. And did you forget the jobs that will follow into that particular area? Pls take a tally of the number of jobless people now; do that exercise again in about two years and publish your result on this forum. Just ask yourself why young people are flocking to other regional capitals for jobs. Even if nothing is achieved by the creation of a new region, economic activities in the new regional capitals will get a great boost, putting money in the workers in the areas and lifting, albeit marginally, the standard of living of residents of the new region. It's the reason a huge majority of people in the affected areas support the creation of new regions. They deserve them.

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Flimsy argument
Yaw Buor
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