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One thousand communities to benefit from 200 telephony sites across the country - Akufo Addo

Comment: Pathetic

Abeeku Mensah
2018-08-05 01:25:20
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1000 communities to benefit from 200 telephony sit

Talk about powerful people who are not only clueless but completely devoid of the capacity for foresight or forethought. At the time Ghana sold Ghana Telecom and all its assets would have been the best time Ghana should have maximized return on its 5 percent investment. Yes we were completely taking to the cleaners by a shrewd Vodafone team even if we were in a rush, as a nation, to dump, the Ghana Telecom money pit. What if our negotiators had requested of vodaphone to invest our meager 5 percent in ensuring there was no district or region that was not wired each year since contract was signed?
Such a deal would have put all future inflated cost on Vodafone if they delayed installations which was going to cost them more on labour cost. So today government is revisiting an issues poorly decided by government dacades ago; how sad can we be?

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08-04 21:10
Abeeku Mensah
08-05 01:25