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Akufo-Addo’s bodyguard punches old man for protocol breach

Comment: President body guard p.

Koo Dadie
2018-08-05 05:06:58
Comment to:
Typical Invincible forces style

Whoever wrote behind this name,is the 'stupidest 'person ever live among human beings.You can say anything bad about the President he's still the President chosen by the majority of the good people of Ghana.You're not in any way better than Ghanaians who chose him so stop insulting the President. Yes, your choice may not be half _level of Akuffo Addo 's shoes but was not elected.Give respect to millions of Ghanaians who elected him as president.

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08-03 09:25
President body guard p.
Koo Dadie
08-05 05:06
08-03 13:33