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Akufo-Addo’s bodyguard punches old man for protocol breach

Comment: .....bodyguard punches oldman....

2018-08-03 13:41:25
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Akufo-Addo’s bodyguard punches oldman for protoc

Oh please, are you kidding me? What's the job of the security around the press? For God's sake the guy did his job so stop the insults being heaped on the guy. An old man? Oh please, give us a break. And he quickly got up to avoid being run over, how was that even possible watching the clip? Even if the driver aims to run over him, it was practically impossible. He will have to back a couple of times to be successful. I don't think the writer did himself any favors by such a skewed reporting, I his employer reprimanded whoever did that or at least do some basic fact checking.

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.....bodyguard punches oldman....
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