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Akufo-Addo’s bodyguard punches old man for protocol breach


Nii Okai
2018-08-03 11:49:53
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Akufo-Addo’s bodyguard punches oldman for protoc

You always support wrong things in Ghana, even the so called president Akuffo Addo does it too. Why should the body guard be accused while doing the job he is assigned to do? What about if the man is coming something wrong to the president?

Due to the foolish and primitive
mindset of most Ghanaians wrong things are foolishly supported while even the rights supposed to be understood as right are abandoned with criticism and looked down upon with condemnation by the majority of the people. The devilish spirit in the people in the right positions and their lack of truthfulness and boldness to stand for the truth is a bad omen for Ghana's future as a nation with a hopeful security for the citizens.

What is the work of a security man, a bodyguard, and a policeman? Even our own so called president who is a lawyer does not really understand the real and actual work of these people in Ghana. It is unfortunate that because of this foolish primitive politics in Ghana, the whole nation is turned upside basically when it comes to serious judgement, a situation which is never good for realism and development when a nation wants to climb the ladder of development in this world.

In reality Ghana has lost morality and it is automatically clear that where there is no morality there is no progress in the social life of the people concern because lack of it is a recipe for confusion in all areas of the lives of the people. Today Ghana sits in this description of mess and that is why there is disorderliness everywhere.

Whoever will say no about this is a monster who wishes to see Ghana get finished as a nation. Who then can help us call a spade a spade in Ghana so that there would be hope for our only Ghana that we have. There is no truth in the system as people live with hypocrisy, a spirit that never warrants progress in the life of the people. Ghanaians must wake up from sleep and shun hypocrisy for the better future needed by all.

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Nii Okai
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