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1District-1Factory; high cost of energy threatens successful implementation

Comment: 1D1F policy rather derisive!!!

2018-08-05 08:38:47
Comment to:
1District-1Factory; high cost of energy

You write:

"The initiative by the present government to situate factories in the various districts in Ghana has been widely commended as a laudable initiative aimed at solving the unemployment situation in the country."

Who are those widely commending this policy as laudable?

This policy is a pure election gimmick, nothing really well-thought out and only the fanatics of the ruling party "widely commend it as laudable".
Even some of the party supporters think it is just a hoax!

Most Ghanaians, and especially the opposition party supporters, think it is derisive, rather than commendable. Others have simply adopted a wait and see attitude of indifference rather than "commend" it. Many are outright skeptical.

Ghanaians know that you cannot just establish factories by fiat and by equitable geographical location. Factories are best established by making the conditions for them possible. Even your article confirms this. If energy costs are lowered and other conditions are conducive, the factories will be set up waaa waaa waaa without any executive command. There won't be the need for a factory to be established in every district to provide jobs for all Ghanaians. Certain districts will naturally be more conducive for factories than others and these districts can become nodes that will attract employment from nearby districts.

Let us stop the partisan propaganda and be serious!

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1D1F policy rather derisive!!!
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