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1District-1Factory; high cost of energy threatens successful implementation

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2018-08-05 07:20:31
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The Energy Needs For These Factories S..

How much will your suggestions add to the cost of building these factories Mr Berko? They are struggling to fund some of these factories as it is so adding these fanciful but costly appendages would simply not be part of their plans for now.

For instance, it would cost an arm and a leg to provide solar panels and batteries to power a factory that relies heavily on electricity for it's operations. Such setups are not even common in the advanced countries.

As for wind power generation I chuckle whenever it is mentioned as a solution in Ghana. Has anyone tried and tested this technology here? I would love to hear about it but we simply don't have that kind of wind to turn these monsters round to generate any meaningful energy, besides they are not cheap either.

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Re: The Energy Needs For These Factories S..
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