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1District-1Factory; high cost of energy threatens successful implementation

Comment: 1District-1Factory; high cost of energy

2018-08-04 03:30:18
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The Energy Needs For These Factories S..

Spot on G.K. Berko. Policies and strategies such as these need robust planning and economic assessment. It appears our Govts are making policies on the hop to take advantage of a sector of the public who are unable to understand or read into such agendas during election time. We have wind, great supply of sunlight and other natural resources that can generate energy. Why cant the production of energy be a part of the 1D1F strategy? Instead we are now being told some cock and bull story to wriggle their way out of the commitments they made during the election. Our basic problem is not the lack of funds, rather the strategic know-how and the lack of creativity ie art of thinking outside the square. At this rate, may God bless us.

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1District-1Factory; high cost of energy
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