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1District-1Factory; high cost of energy threatens successful implementation

Comment: The Energy Needs For These Factories S..

G. K. Berko
2018-08-03 13:58:26
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1District-1Factory; high cost of energy threatens

The Energy needs of these Factories should have been amply considered ahead of time.

Meanwhile, there could be a solution or two for that problem. How about each Factory built incorporating its own Solar Energy source right with its construction, at the very beginning?

Secondly, the Government must help to immediately introduce Wind Energy to supplement where necessary.

Lastly, we should boldly invest in increasing Green Energy source into the Future, rather than be complacent with the little Oil we have discovered, whose revenue management even seems to be in jeopardy.

If we could vigorously begin constructing Wastewater Treatment Plants in all our Municipalities and integrate them into a wider Recycling System, we could unleash yet another source of Energy from the resultant biofuel (Digestate) and methane associated with those Programs.

We are always big and loud in claiming to be leading Africa in this or that but when it comes to what could really be innovation to revamp our Economic progress, we drag our feet.

Mostly, it has been the passivity, and even reluctance, of our Politicians who would rather have ad hoc solutions that allow them to immediately divert massive funds into their private pockets. They are not very warm to any Programs that have lasting positive results but require investments that take some time to bear fruits.

However, with well-planned integrated Wind, Solar and Bio-fuel Energy Systems, we could even reap profits in a shorter period than it used to be a short while back.

So, let our leaders be MORE SERIOUS and LESS SELFISH to consider putting such innovative Green and Alternative Energy Sources Plan in action promptly.

Many of the Factories could even fully provide their own sources of Energy, if we are that serious to have them built like that.

We should therefore not accept the Energy excuse for the Government renege on its promise to the Nation.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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The Energy Needs For These Factories S..
G. K. Berko
08-03 13:58