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Corruption: I thought I knew Akufo-Addo until he became President – Bagbin

Comment: With Gabby and Cohorts Around Him, Not..

G. K. Berko
2018-07-18 14:03:39
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Corruption: I thought I knew Akufo-Addo until he b

With Gabby and his bigoted cohorts around the President, it is almost impossible Akufo-Addo can maintain a non-nepotistic, corruption-free Administration.

As much as I would like to think of Ken Ofori-Atta, for instance, as a God-fearing, honest broker, I am not surprised that the overwhelming notion around the President would be for their Akyem base to, also, take advantage of his Presidency to enrich themselves, too.

Many believe that the main reason why the NPP was split between the Ashanti and Akyem factions, leading to the 2016 Elections is because the Akyem members of the Party begrudged former President Kufuor for not devising a way for them, too, to benefit from the Kosmos-EO Group Oil windfall.

We all know how the Kosmos-EO Group deal has always hung around the neck of Kufuor as a foxy ploy to enrich Kufuor and his friends in Ashanti, in particular.

The former President still walks around bragging about his role in bringing Kosmos to Ghana to drill our Oil, claiming also that the EO-Group which comprises his two best friends and engaged in dubious processing to legitimize their partnership with Kosmos, was appropriately formed and run as a private Business that deserved its profits.

However, the 'overnightly'-formed EO-Group that never had any Capital liability of its own, and had Kosmos pay for even the pens and paper it used to correspond appeared to many as a shadowy Business entity that Kufour benefited from behind the curtains.

Be that true or not, many things that the EO-Group did or did not do deepened that suspicion. More, we must notice that the NDC Politicians, also, used numerous dubious means to milk our treasury.

All said and done, there is adequate indication that our Politicians of all shades and flavors have been massively duping us via Procurement processes, especially.

Even funds donated to the Nation by foreign entities often find their way into the private pockets of our Officials instead of doing the work the funds were offered for.

This has become the bane of our developmental process. And I would not be shocked to learn fully well that the Akufo-Addo Administration has resorted to similar tactics to milk us, too.

The Akyems also want their pound of flesh. After all, they claim to have given us the name 'Ghana', led all Ghanaians in helping us achieve Independence, advance our Higher Education by giving us Legon Varsity, and a lot more--courtesy of Professor Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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With Gabby and Cohorts Around Him, Not..
G. K. Berko
07-18 14:03