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I am the politician who keeps, delivers on promises - Akufo-Addo

Comment: You are Disappointed Bigot

2018-07-17 12:53:28
Comment to:
Good for Nothing JDM.

You are such a disappointment to humanity.
People like your kind are bigots. You just spew garbage because you have a thinking deficit and very envious of Northerners. Ashantes by their nature do not like school and May I remind you that Ghana education has been free since independence. What parents were paying for their kids to go to school was a user fee and not school fees. Education is free if government is responsible for the payroll of Teachers and Professor. You are too shallow in your thinking. We know very well that there is no pure Asante. We are all mixed. Thanks for the crossedbreed. I don't think you would like to see a typical or pure Asante.

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07-15 18:13
You are Disappointed Bigot
07-17 12:53