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Your 'supposedly fixed' roads are bumpy, how can I sleep? - Akufo-Addo jabs Mahama

Comment: The joke that is NDC

2018-07-12 10:29:05
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Your 'supposedly fixed' roads are bumpy, how can I

NDC and its members are from the PNDC from JJs Era. They were the weed smokers drunks and outcasts of society. Going around confiscating everything they see. Cars houses goods money from anyone who possess them. They're the likes of ASIEDU nketia and the mahamma et al. Now they've graduated to international thieves and want to rule what do you expect
They're failures of society and only want to loot and share. They occupied my house and stripped it of every fitting and finally took the roofing sheets and sold that too. As nature will have you cannot live in a house without a roof so they evicted themselves. thsee are the sort of people who call themselves NDC today. That's why even JJ is distancing himself from them. THIEVES! !!

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The joke that is NDC
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